Mabinogi is an online role playing game that adds a twist to the usual hack/slash and trade mmorpg games out there. Simply put it, it is a game that is closely linked to a character’s life than just the power aspect of it.


There are some interesting parts to the game like the character creation, where you get to choose from 3 races and an age range from 10-17 years old which will come with different starting and per-levelling stats.

Another interesting aspect is that the character’s eating habits will affect the way it looks over time. If you are a heavy user of certain foods in-game (which I guess would the cheapest and gives the most healthpoints), over time your character’s build will start to grow outwards. On the other hand, if you remember to take some slimming berries, you will hopefully see some weight loss.

The third is that every day of the week brings in a different type of specific bonus, it could be higher experience for certain skills on a Monday and higher item creation on a Tuesday, so players get to learn to use it to their advantage.

With this said, all I can say is that with the local gaming scene in Singapore, power is often the best measure of success, so I have a feeling that all the extras in this game such as fishing, farming, making wool and whatnots will not be the most important drawing point to the game for Singaporeans, unless you have been an avid fan of Harvest Moon. However I do feel that the part-time job thing will be an important part of the game, that is unless you have another way to gain wealth in the game quickly.

Although there’s no news on whether it will come to Singapore as yet, but it seems like  a pretty decent game that will get a good attention if it arrives.

For those in North America, there’s a chance to participate in the closed-beta testing and currently there’s only 10 days left to apply so head on to the Mabinogi website to check it out.


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