When gamers turn into addicts, the place they live in should fit their gaming status to sustain their pride. Here are 13 game inspired furniture fit for gamers’ homes.

One of the most recognizable games has to be Pac-man. They will fit perfectly in the house if you haven’t already gotten tired from watching it eat dots and blue monsters while growing up.

1. Pac-Man padded seats

pac-man chair

2. Pac-Man monster inspired stools

pac-man stools

3. Pac-Man lounge chair

pac-man lounge chair

The next game caused a gaming revolution back in the 1990’s — the unmistakable game of Tetris. Since Tetris was all about packing shapes neatly in tight spaces without leaving gaps, furniture inspired from this game usually have an element of efficiency.

4. Space saving Tetris furniture

tetris sofa bed

5. Tetris shelf

tetris bookshelf

6. Tetris chairs

tetris chairs

7. Tetris mirror

 tetris mirror

Game consoles, especially the Nintendo series also boast a couple of fan-made controller inspired furniture.

8. NES game controller coffee table

nes controller coffee table

9. Wiimote controller cupboard

wiimote cupboard

Let’s continue to a few more game inspired items, now from the lighting section.

10. These are space invader lamps, lamps shaped like the aliens in the classic shooting game.

space invaders lamp

11. Mario mushroom lamps

mario mushroom lamps

12. This is a custom-made TF2 Pyro candle holder, modeled after the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2.

tf2 pyro candle holder

13. Last but not least, this Scrabble furniture set is inspired from the most played word game around the world. Makes a good match while playing Scrabble itself.

scrabble furniture set