1. This shoe-house reminds me of the one I read from a story book as a child.

shoe house

2. This is definitely a mobile house. Though the image quality isn’t clear, what’s obvious is that the owners can move this tractor house and head off for a new location as and when they like it.

tractor house 3. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Casa Batlló has its exterior made to look like the scales of a dragon and balconies made from the bones of its victims.


4. This house looks just like a UFO. Whoever lives in it probably has connections with the unknown.

ufo house 5. This building looks way too fishy, isn’t it obvious.

fish building 6. Looking like a big safe, the company that owns this building offers services for quality storage of museum pieces.

fortress museum storage 7. Spotted in Tokyo, this house makes use of all available space for a unique design. It even has space to shelter a small car.

weird tokyo house 8. Interesting and cartoony looking pickle-barrel house.

pickle barrel house 9. Speaking of cartoons, here’s a fantastic one. The real-life house of the Simpson family.

real life simpsons house 10. Though it’s called the flying house, this house can’t fly at all. However, it moves on railings and can be made to rise to different heights and face different directions to get out of the sun’s rays.

amazing flying house 11. This weird looking house is made entirely of steel and took 28 years to build by handwork alone.

steel house 12. We see this in our bathroom everyday, well someone from South Korea built a building as a tribute to it.

toilet building 13. This building looks just like a huge basket. It’s really no mystery that the primary product of the company clearly has something to do with baskets.

basket building