Cupcakes and geeks, who would have thought they make such a good combination. Here are 15 sets of cute cupcakes fit for the ultimate geek.

1. Pac-man is one of the popular games from the 8-bit era. This is a wedding cake by hello_naomi assembled from individual pieces.

pac man cupcakes

2. A logo-styled cupcake dedicated to the company famous for its iPods and iPhones, Apple.

apple logo cupcake

3. These iPhone application cupcakes look too beautiful to be eaten. They were made specially for the Cupcake Decorating Championship at Ignite NYC.

iphone application cupcakes

4. Another set of iPhone cupcakes

iphone cupcakes 2

5. A Google cupcake for the search engine leader’s 8th birthday.

google cupcake

6. Another big-time 8-bit character and mascot of Nintendo, here’s a Mario pixel cake made from cupcake squares.

pixel mario cupcakes

7. A Mario cupcake scene made out of individual pieces.

mario scene cupcakes

8. Super Mario icons by Clever Cupcakes

mario cupcakes

9. A set of Mario mushrooms

mario cupcakes 2

10. Another 1-up mushroom

mario 1up mushroom cupcake

11. Lego cupcakes by hello_naomi

lego cupcakes

12. Pokemon cupcakes anyone? Here are some of them.

pokemon cupcakes

13. These Guitar Hero cupcakes look simple but pretty.

guitar hero cupcakes

14. Yahoo Messenger emoticon cupcakes for the IM-addict in us.

yahoo emoticon cupcakes

15. Last but not least, these ewok cupcakes surround an impressive and epic AT-AT walker cake for the Star Wars fans out there.

at-at walker cake with ewok cupcakes