15 minutes lamp hourglass inspired lamp 1

An hourglass is a tool that is made for keeping track of time. As the sand falls through the narrow gap of an hour glass, the amount at the top gradually reduces. When the top part is completely empty, one will know that at least an hour has passed. Here’s a lamp that uses the concept of an hourglass to influence the way it works.

15 minutes lamp hourglass inspired lamp 2

This lamp concept called the ‘15 Minutes Lamp’ designed by Hye Min Lee, Hye mi Lee and Sun Hwa Jung is based on the way on how an hourglass works, but for a shorter interval of time, which is 15 minutes. During normal use, the lamp can be set upright for it to work continuously, but the magic happens when it comes to using the timer mode of this lamp.

15 minutes lamp hourglass inspired lamp 3

When one wants to go to sleep, simply turn the lamp upside down, and just like in an hourglass, the sand in this lamp will slowly fall. As the sand falls through, they cover up the lamp and thus it gets dimmer and dimmer, which will allow one to fall asleep naturally. When all of the sand has fallen, the weight of the sand will trigger a sensor that will automatically shut off the lamp, so there is no need break your sleep just to switch off the lamp.

A beautiful and useful concept for an hourglass-inspired lamp with shut-off timer.