180 degree hanging wall lamp 1

Here’s one unique lamp that doesn’t look like a complete lamp, but rather only half a lamp. It is not made for standing on a night stand or table though, but for hanging on a wall.

180 degree hanging wall lamp 2

With one side completely flat, it makes it perfect for attaching right on the wall. This means that the lamp does not need to take up space on a table. Not only that, the half of its base which is normally used to hold the lamp up no longer serves that purpose and is now free for holding small items like house keys and memos.

Product Specs:

  • Bringing all new meaning to the term "hanging lamp"
  • Unique wall lamp in a playful trompe-l’oeil design
  • Light bulb not included
  • 40 watt max
  • 6′ cord
  • 17.5"height


A pretty unique and modern-looking lamp that comes in a clean design.

The 180 degree hanging wall lamp retails for $79 from Urban Outfitters.