2-in-1 usb pen drive capacitive stylus 1

Pen drives, also known us USB flash drives are pretty handy for carrying digital data on the go, especially for files that you don’t want to store online. Here’s one pen drive that not only comes with the ability to store digital data, but is also packed with capacitive stylus that you can use on touchscreen tablet PCs or smartphones.

2-in-1 usb pen drive capacitive stylus 2

2-in-1 usb pen drive capacitive stylus 3

The USB pen drive stylus comes with a sleek, silvery metallic look which looks simple yet elegant. We already know that USB drives today can be made pretty small and compact, which is evident by the size of this storage gadget.

On one side is the USB portion which can be plugged to just about any device that accepts USB storage media, and on the other side is a mini capacitive stylus useful for keeping your touchscreen device fingerprint-free during usage.

A useful and handy gadget that is not only compact but multi-purpose as well.

The 2-in-1 USB pen drive with capacitive stylus is available in 5 models with memory capacities ranging from 2GB up to 32GB retailing for $15-$36 from Brando USB.