Archives for October, 2007


The Sudoku Toilet Roll

There are times where you need to spend a little more time in the toilet. There are also times where you feel that you can only enjoy your own personal ...

Broken Toaster PC Mod

What to do when the toaster breaks down and can't be fixed? Even the garang guni will refuse to accept it. So the piece of junk became a modder's project ...

Weekly Quick Picks #005

We have an interesting mix this week! Check out Michael Schumacher's expensive gift, a Beijing Olympics themed bicycle, a Ms. Pacman ring and many more. 1. These man-made islands shaped to ...

The Gold Bar Doorstop

Do you wake up in a antique Qing dynasty royal bed, and wash your hands off a golden tap? If you do, nobody will know about it until you get ...

Heli-Q — Mini RC Toy Helicopter

Pictured below are the world's smallest mini radio controlled toy helicopters from Japanese toy maker Tomy. Introduced to the world in Tokyo, Japan on October 23, these tiny machines run on ...

Ping Pong Through A Door

This ping pong table built into doorway is a really interesting design. The table flips down from the doorway and allows you and an apartment mate to square off in ...
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