Archives for January, 2008


Canned Cheeseburger Cooked and Eaten!

This canned cheeseburger product has been rolling across blogs and forums for the last couple of days leaving people wondering how a cheeseburger in a can would taste like. The ...

Nikon D60 DSLR Camera Arrives

Nikon announced the arrival of the D60 DSLR camera. This is basically a rework of the D40x which has similar features to the D40. Features include: 10.2 megapixels CCD sensor 0.19s start ...

Asus E-TV Unveiled

The secret is out. The Asus Eee brand name is not going to be the exclusive name for the super popular low-cost easy to use Eee PC launched at the ...

Hungry? Have A Mozilla Firefox Cake!

It's been ten years since Mozilla was started as an open-source platform from the release of Netscape Communicator's source codes. And so, the people from downloadsquad came up with this ...

Airmail MacBook Air Sleeve

When Steve Jobs took out the MacBook Air from a manila envelope during MacWorld 2008, we should have known some quick-minded people would have already came up with this. Now ...
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