Archives for July, 2009


Crossword Puzzle Building

This interesting looking building has its entire sidewall covered in a giant crossword puzzle. Situated in Ukraine, the crossword puzzle painted on the building has yet another ...

IT Geek’s Proposal

Here's an interesting Chinese ad showing an IT geek using over 250 mobile phones and their LCD displays to create one awesome light show to propose ...

Uses of Wide Angle Lens

These are really what wide-angle lens are meant for as suggested by wide-angle lens seller Omax in their advertisements. Well now you know how the professionals do ...

‘Splosion Man Reviewed

'Splosion Man for Xbox 360 live arcade reviewed by GearLive. I've seen the game being played and it looks pretty fun, with some levels going up to ...

MadCat MechWarrior Papercraft

Nice papercraft model of the MadCat Mechwarrior by Walter, a 3D artist of Nebula Station. Pretty good work done on the details of this classic Mech. ...

Polite Umbrella

  Having to squeeze in a crowd on a rainy day with an umbrella can be a real inconvenience. Designer JooYoun Paek has come up with ...
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