Archives for August, 2009


Hide-Away Bathroom Tiles

Here are some interesting looking bathroom tiles with specialized purposes. These cleverly designed tiles have special functions where they serve as drawers, a ...

Space Saving Desk Design

An interesting and innovative space saving design for a desk which comes with a bookshelf. Definitely works well with a laptop or a compact desktop PC coherent ...

Playstation 3 Cake

Amazing Playstation 3 cake made by Creative Cake Factory on flickr. Comes with two controllers and game covers made of crispy treats.

PS3 Slim Gets Disassembled

Forget about PS3 Slim unboxings, the people from iFixit have done better by dismantling the entire PS3 slim console for our curious eyes. Definitely ...

Xbox 360 Controller Bento Lunch

Interesting idea here, an Xbox 360 inspired bento lunch set made by flickr user Laura Bento. Definitely a superb and appetizing meal for her husband and even ...
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