Archives for September, 2009


PSPgo Disassembled

The guys over at iFixit have done it again. This time the latest portable console from Sony, the PSPgo goes under the screwdriver and gets disassembled to ...

Halo Xbox 360 Casemod

Here's one casemod that uses the flat side of an Xbox 360 as the platform for a Halo diorama. Made by deviantart member EvilDan for a lucky ...

Wall-E Bento

An amazing and beautifully made Wall-E bento lunch by AnnaTheRed. The cool thing about this themed bento is that it not only looks good, but is nutritious ...

Xbox 360 iPhone Case

Here's a rather interesting iPhone case made to look like the Xbox 360, handcrafted out of felt by rabbitrampage on Etsy. This is definitely impossible ...

Duplex Packing Bag

A simple solution by designer Noémie Cotton for a very common problem. One side for uneaten groundnuts and the other for unwanted shells. Genius!
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