35mm film usb flash drives

While the 35mm film is more or less a thing of the past with the invention of digital cameras, here’s yet another idea to turn it into an item that’s going to turn obsolete soon – and that’s a 35mm film canister USB flash drive.

These USB flash drives made with the shell of repurposed 35mm film canisters will most probably turn into collector’s pieces as the USB flash drive is more or less getting phased out in favor of cloud storage.

Despite this, we can’t deny the fact that these colorful 35mm film canisters still look pretty in a retro sort of way and having them serving as USB drives turns them into something that’s somewhat useful and still relevant for the digital age of now at least.

What better way to use 35mm film canister USB flash drives like these than to store digital images and photographs in them, just like how they were used to store photographs as negatives in their previous form. The flash drives come with 4GB worth of storage capacity and are available on Etsy for $23.99 each.