angry birds storage box 1

Like the game Angry Birds? Here’s one Angry Bird’s inspired storage solution made in the form of a storage box named ‘Angry Box’. This is one useful and cute storage box from the design of artist Metin Seven coupled with Shapeways’ 3D printing service.

angry birds storage box 2

Coming in the design of the red bird from Angry Birds which has been turned into a cube instead of its usual round and launchable shape, the Angry Birds box is made of 3D-printed colored sandstone and measures at 3.1”x2.6”x3.5” in size. It isn’t really made for storing large items, but certainly adequately sized to be used for storing candies or stationery on a home or office table while being a decorative item.

The Angry Birds box is available at Shapeways for $69.25.