3d hello kitty cookie cutter mold 1

Cookies as we know, are usually flat pieces that don’t usually stand on their own. However here’s a cookie mold that makes 3D Hello Kitty cookies that when baked, are able stand up on their own.

3d hello kitty cookie cutter mold 2

3d hello kitty cookie cutter mold 3

Pretty much like a DIY model of sorts, the Hello Kitty cookie mold makes the cookie in three parts, the main body and her two legs. When the cookie has been baked in the oven and ready, simply assemble the pieces together for an awesomely pretty Hello Kitty cookie that can sit upright on on its own.

A pretty useful cookie mold that makes unique 3D Hello Kitty cookies perfect for parties and gatherings.

The 3D Hello Kitty cookie cutter mold retails for $3.99 from Gadgets-N-Gizmos.