3d dinosaur cookie cutters

Cookie cutters that make flat cookies are so common they can get pretty boring at times, but here’s a set of cookie cutters that are able to create dinosaur-shaped cookies that pop-up to life in 3D form.

This is a bunch of cookie cutters that are able to cut cookie dough just like other cookie  cutters. The difference is that the cookies that are produced do no simply lay flat but in 3D form and standing just like a really cool toy.

What these 3D dinosaur cookie cutters do is to simply allow one to cut shapes from cookie dough similar to simple 3D puzzle pieces, and when baked they can then be assembled into standing forms that do quite resemble their prehistoric counterparts. This also means just a little more fun for the recipient of the cookies in addition to a tasty treat.

A cool set of cookie cutters that will be perfect for special occasions like birthday parties.

The 3D pop-up dinosaur cookie cutters come in 4 designs, triceratops, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, and T-Rex and retails for $12.99 per design from Perpetual Kid.