3d printed super mario diorama

Having something like a Super Mario design getting printed doesn’t sound quite complicated or novel at first. But what if it’s not one of those common 2D printers that print on paper but a sophisticated 3D printer doing the job instead? You get one awesomely cute 3D Super Mario diorama toy that you can place right on the table as a decoration.

This was all done using a 3D printer called Shapeways, a cool printer that prints objects in three dimensions and in full color. What’s interesting is that the Shapeways printer actually prints the object layer by layer, slice by slice, pretty much what one sees from the output of an MRI machine, but in tangible form and full color!

The full color 3D printing process can be viewed in the video clip below by Shapeways:



That’s the same unique way that this 3D Super Mario diorama was printed, colors and all. Sure, the price is rather steep for a 3D Super Mario model like this, but the 3D printing process in which it has been produced is indeed a fresh and exciting way for gaming geeks to be introduced to the world of 3D toy design. The 3D printed Super Mario diorama is available for $82.98 at Shapeways.