3d sushi iphone case uni and ikura

When it comes to iPhone cases, it’s usually designs that come printed on the cases. Not for this sushi iPhone case, it actually comes with realistic-looking sushi that aren’t printed on the casing but in 3D!

3d sushi iphone case ebi and toro

The sushi iPhone case looks like a piece of bamboo leaf was stuck right onto the back of the iPhone 4 together with a generous serving of tasty-looking sushi right placed right on top. If at any point in time the back of the iPhone has been left on the upside on a table it’ll surely be mistaken for a tantalizing plate of sushi.

The handcrafted plastic sushi look just like the kind that can be spotted in the display section of sushi restaurants.

Never mind that the iPhone becomes clunky when used with this casing, never mind that the iPhone seems too large to be used properly. The only thing that matters is that it looks so unique and cool.

The 3D sushi iPhone case goes for 3,800 yen each at Strapya-World.