4 piece micro sd to sata hdd adaptor

Do you have pieces of MicroSD cards lying around left over from unused and obsolete gadgets? They are usually too small in capacity to do anything useful by themselves, but when combined into a single flash drive, they will be pretty useful for storing a sizeable collection of data such as picture albums, music and videos.

Here’s one converter that combines MicroSD cards into a single storage drive. It is basically a PCB board that is made to accept four MicroSD cards and combines them into a format compatible with SATA connectors on computer motherboards.

Compared to a typical hard disk, due to the limitations of SD cards, the read/write speed will be considerably slower compared to a real SATA mechanical or SSD hard disk, but it will be useful as a bootable hard disk as a backup and also for simple and light usage for various purposes.

A useful adaptor card that will be able to make use of unused microSD cards lying around the house.

The MicroSD memory card to SATA hard disk converter card retails for $32.75 from Amazon.