solar-power-toy-model-kit 1

Solar power is a great renewable source of energy and is often touted to be one of the alternatives to fossil fuels as a mainstream form of energy in the future. Hence, if you are looking for a fun and educational gift for a child, this DIY solar power toy model kit is definitely a good choice.

solar-power-toy-model-kit 2

The kit comes with a solar panel and various parts that need to be assembled to build the gadgets. Toys such as boats, a car, windmills and even a robotic dog can be built from the kit, altogether six in all! The best part is that they are powered by the sun, therefore batteries will never be needed.

solar-power-toy-model-kit 3

Not only do the toys look fun to play with, they also look good as desktop decorations. $19.90, buy from Brando Toys.



  • DIY Solar Power 6-in-1 Robot
  • Solar Power, No battery required.
  • DIY models: Boat, Windmill, Puppy, Car and Two different Planes
  • Suggestion: Educational, Desktop decoration, etc
  • Package size: 210mm(W) x 178mm(H) x 43mm(L)