Remember the good old days when the iMac G3’s came with CRT screens? The large casing proves to be a great hit for some wacky yet obvious recycling projects.

This hamster cage was found on eBay for $350, You can probably make your own for much less.

imac-hamster-cage 1

imac-hamster-cage 2


A much sleeker looking hamster cage, made from one with a transparent casing.



Make the iMac casing leak-proof and you can turn it into an aquatic tank!

imac-aquarium 1

imac-aquarium 2


Another aquarium for techie fishes.

imac-aquarium-b 1

imac-aquarium-b 2


This one definitely takes the cake, who can ever resist ooh-ing and ah-ing at a kitten sleeping on a bed. Not an ordinary bed that is, an iMac bed of course.



Not very glorious, but equally useful. As a simple trash bin.



How about an enclosed terrarium, creating a landscaped plant biosphere.



It can be used even as a flower pot for the open outdoors. Takes pretty damn long before it actually starts to biodegrade too, so you’ll never need to replace it.



This one had its obsolete innards taken out and fitted with an unused 14” LCD monitor to be used as a secondary display.



Finally, a newer model the G4 having its useful stable base used for the bottom of a lamp.