foldable canoe 1

How many times have you come across a beautiful lake or an absolutely stretch of water and wish you could magically make a canoe appear out of thin air to enjoy a nice rowing expedition immediately? Well not for many but if you’re one of those who do, well here’s one foldable canoe that fits into a backpack when not in use and into a full-sized one-person canoe when fully deployed.

foldable canoe 2

foldable canoe 3

Designed by Ori Levin from Tsor’s Design, this canoe weighing only 4.1 kg is light and portable enough to be carried around in a sling bag and can be assembled in just a matter of five minutes. While this ultra lightweight canoe may be good enough for rowing in relatively calm waters, it doesn’t really look strong enough to be used for traversing in waters with stronger currents like the rapids despite having a carbon fiber skeleton and racing-sail-grade synthetic fabric for its skin.

A pretty cool design that turns the traditionally heavy canoe into a portable and lightweight transportation device for leisure and a probable lifesaver for emergency situations out in the wild. The foldable canoe is still a prototype for now, but does look good enough to be a commercially available product in the future.