Do you have a really dirty keyboard and have been thinking about cleaning it one day? There are a couple of ways to solve that problem such as using a vacuum cleaner or the extreme way of removing all the keys and dropping the entire thing in an alcohol bath.

Here’s another way to clean off dust, grime and germs off that keyboard with the Cyber Clean cleaning compound.


Basically the Cyber Clean compound looks like playdoh and is kneadable, allowing it to get into the voids between the keys and grab stuff ranging from broken fingernails to scraps of food within a dirty keyboard.

As the compound collects and traps dust within, it changes colour from yellow to green over a period of time to remind you to get a new one. A good thing is that the compound will kill germs and bacteria and put a stop to their growth.

I think it would be quite disgusting to be kneading a used one after cleaning a really filthy keyboard. Unfortunately it isn’t washable so all the dirt that you removed from your keyboard gets amassed inside this huge reusable booger.

Well anyway, if you’re looking for an alternative way to clean keyboards or your household devices such as remote controls and mobile phones this will be an interesting choice.

Product page via redferret

Video commercial of the Cyber Clean compound: