house of cards a la carte side table 1

Building a house of cards is the ultimate test of patience and concentration and watching a stack of cards that you’ve stacked falling down always brings that bit of sinking feeling in your heart. Here’s a stack of cards that will never fall or collapse at all.

house of cards a la carte side table 2

This piece of furniture called the ‘A La Carte Side Table’ is a side table made to look like a set of playing cards that have been stacked to form a house of cards. Unlike a real of house of cards made of paper playing cards, it is made with sturdy medium-density fiberboard and connected together so they will never get blown away or get knocked down easily; a definite contrast between a house of cards made of paper and one that’s made of fiberboard.

Besides displaying the illusion of supporting itself, it works just like a side table, so it’ll be capable of supporting stuff like a lamp or a cup of coffee, whether it is placed in the living room or bedroom.

An interesting-looking side table that looks great for the home of a lover of card-games.

The house of cards ‘A La Carte Side Table’ retails for $240 from Fancy.