CrunchGear has gotten their hands on Amazon’s much hyped-about e-book reader named ‘Kindle’ that was released this Monday by Amazon. For starters, the screen refreshes fast but to access content that are available freely on the web such as news or blogs, there is a need to pay a monthly subscription for each service.

Amazon’s Kindle

Out of a number of storage access mediums available, only the SD card is supported by the device and it can only be charged via USB. Reading wise, it does not support .pdf files and all the e-books comes protected by DRM. Only some types of unprotected files are allowed to be transferred on the device such as .txt or .mobi files. Even so, trying to read any file other than .AZW and .TXT files resulted in failure.

Forget about using it as a quick access storage device either, it only accepts a number of files via direct transfer, the rest would need to be transferred through the Kindle email service.

Back to the subscription service — to read rss feeds, you’ll need to subscribe to the feed, literally. Subscription to a blog and news feed comes at a price of USD$2 and USD$15 per month per feed respectively. The only way you can access the content free is to access to the website directly instead of the feed url with the basic web browser application. Be prepared for a world of monochrome like you’ve never experienced before.

Another thing for readers to note, the wireless connectivity only works in some parts of the U.S so do take in consideration before trying to get one.

The Amazon Kindle retails at a price of USD$399, the same price as that of an Asus Eee 4G UMPC . No prizes for guessing which is the winner.

via CrunchGear & boingboing