tree branch marshmallow roasting fork

Toasted marshmallows have always been the snack of choice just about anytime a pack can be found around a fire like a campfire or a fireplace. Using a real branch made of wood can seem unsanitary or dangerous as it can burn as it roasts marshmallows over direct fire, but here’s one marshmallow fork that will help to overcome those problems.

The marshmallow tree fork is simply a fork made of steel that not only helps a marshmallow to roast evenly over a flame but also prevents it from igniting like dry wood. A wooden handle at the back insulates the handle from the heat making it safe to hold.

Best of all, it has the ability to roast a whole lot more marshmallows than the typical roasting fork as it comes with a whole lot of branches. That means more marshmallows for indulging at once on a single roasting session.

A useful marshmallow roasting gadget that is made for safety but looks more natural and cooler than a plain old BBQ fork.

The tree branch marshmallow roasting fork retails for $15.48 from Amazon.