quad kitchen timer withwhiteboard

Having a kitchen timer in the kitchen is a clever way to keep track of cooking times for various dishes. Here’s one kitchen timer that comes with not one, but four timers that will help you to keep track of the time while cooking multiple dishes.

The kitchen timer comes with four individual kitchen timers arranged from top to bottom on the left, while on the right is whiteboard where you can write down the names of the dishes that are currently being prepared. As the names can be written beside the corresponding timer, it will be easy to take a glance and know what is exactly going on without the need of second guessing. Also, there won’t be a need to juggle around with multiple single kitchen timers when preparing different recipes at the same time.

On the whiteboard, special instructions or reminders can be written down for more attention to specific stages to prevent slip-ups.

As for times when the whiteboard is not being used as a cooking helper, it can be used as a conventional whiteboard for jotting down memos and notes to yourself or a family member.

A handy kitchen help that is practical and useful when cooking for a large number of people during special occasions.

The quad kitchen timer with whiteboard retails for $14.34 from Amazon.