Hands up! The Nintendo Wii bot is watching. This is a Nintendo Wii box robot made from the original box robot from Amazon’s Japan branch by a Japanese otaku. Finishing the Wii box look is a modification with custom labels for the box.

Nintendo Wii Bot

Nintendo Wii Bot 2 Nintendo Wii Bot 3 Nintendo Wii Bot 4

The picture does make the Nintendo Wii box robot look sort of human-sized due to the the Nintendo Wii console, wiimote and nunchuck pictured with it but don’t get fooled — it’s not as big as it seems as the items accompanying are in fact just some Nintendo Wii keychain accessories that can be bought online.

Besides the Amazon box robot and the Nintendo Wii robot seen above, this Japanese guy has also made a “Feb-Ex” version (not a typo!) of the box robot as well.

via technabob