abominable snowman ice tray

Abominable snowmen may be myth and legend, but some of them still live in the hearts of fantasy lovers. Here’s one ice tray that will not only make one, but a bunch of abominable snowmen for chilling drinks.

The abominable snowmen, fearsome and all, have been turned from flesh into ice. Well, not exactly but from water into ice. Just as literally cool they seem, the ice they are made of can be used just like normal ice cubes, for cooling down drinks and used for making desserts.

Each ice tray makes six abominable snowmen, and each of them do not look the same as the other as they come in different poses which brings a nice mix and cool looking in a cocktail cup or punch bowl.

A cool ice tray for making abominable snowmen shaped ice pieces.

The abominable snowman ice tray retails for $11.49 from Perpetual Kid.