soyo-soyo air conditioned bed mat 1
Here’s an air-conditioned bed mat made specially for hot summer nights.
soyo-soyo air conditioned bed mat 2
soyo-soyo air conditioned bed mat 3
This bed mat called Soyo-soyo comes with a set of built-in fans within itself. The bed comes with water gel pads that helps to conduct heat away from the body.

Usually without fans, the usual gel pads will heat up quickly without being able to release the heat, but with the built-in fans sending fresh air into the mat, there will be good air circulation that will help to release the heat from the gel mat, making them cooler.

A useful air-conditioned mat that will help to make hot nights more comfortable to sleep through.

The Soyo-soyo air conditioned mat retails for $201 from Japan Trend Shop.