air mail memo pad note launcher

Here’s one memo pad that will more or less turn them into air mail. However this memo pad will only deliver the air mail only as far as it’s arm can launch the memos.

The air mail launcher is basically a memo pad where one can write memos and notes on. In addition to holding a memo pads, it comes with a springy launcher arm that can be loaded up with a scrunched up piece of memo bound for an intended target or an unwanted piece bound for the trash bin.

When the message has been written down, it can then be shaped into a nice little aerodynamic ball waiting to be launched as it sits launching cup. When it’s ready to go give it a sharp poke on the launcher arm and there goes the memo flying across the air.

An interesting memo pad that comes with just a bit more fun.

The air mail memo pad note with launcher arm retails for $12.99 from Perpetual Kid.