In celebration of the launch of the anime series Clannad which started October 4th on TV network TBS, a series of limited edition bishōjo canned bread featuring the 7 characters from the anime is currently being sold from vending machines in Akihabara.

Bishōjo canned bread featuring Clannad character Nagisa Furukawa

The bishōjo canned bread is selling at 350 yen from a vending machine in Otaku land all through the month of October and comes in 7 flavours — chocolate, strawberry, green tea, butter, raisin, blueberry and milk. If you’re heading there this month, remember to check it out! It can be found on platform 6 (for Sobu line trains bound for Chiba).

Clannad is originally a visual novel that made its way to the PC in 2004. This genre of game puts the player in a linear story-line with interactions that routes the user to experience different endings based on the choices they made during the advancement of the game. The popularity of the title had also spun off a manga series in 2005 and brought the game to the Playstation 2 platform in early 2006.

TBS via Pink Tentacle