alarming ring vibration alarm clock system 1

Here’s one alarm clock system concept that is designed not to produce an audible signal for waking up, but is worn as a ring and made to vibrate when it’s time to wake up.

alarming ring vibration alarm clock system 2

This alarm clock concept named ‘Alarming Ring’ is a system that is designed as finger rings that are supposed to be worn to sleep. The rings are programmable using the docking set which also acts as the charger.

When the time for the alarm to go off has been programmed, pick up the ring from the docking station and wear it to sleep. At the stipulated time, the alarm will go off not in the form of an alarm sound, but as a vibration emitted from the ring which will wake the user up.

Using this form of vibrating alarm is useful for shared room and for couples who wake up at different times.

A cool and futuristic design for an alarm clock system by designer Meng Fandi.