bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 1

This amazing Bumblebee Transformer model is made out of a KFC box! Apparently the background of what looks like the cover of a KFC bucket in China is yellow in color therefore providing a suitable material for this Transformer papercraft model.

bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 2

A yellow custard pie box was also used in the making, obviously preferred for its yellow colored qualities too.


It’s amazing that the builder had already drawn up a blueprint of the model in advance, and from the details in the pictures this builder definitely looks like a seasoned veteran in the art of papercraft. Absolutely awesome.

bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 3

bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 4

bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 5

bumblebee-transformer-kfc-box-papercraft 6