amazing qudrocopters throwing a ball 1

Here’s a video of some amazing programming. These quadrocopters not only have the capability to fly autonomously, but are able to coordinate with the others in the team to throw and catch a ball together.

amazing qudrocopters throwing a ball 2

Quadrocopters besides being used for playing, are being used for many different experiments. Just like in the video, the quadrocopters have been programmed to fly in formation, with each quadrocopter holding each side of a net, totaling in three. They are then made to perform a tasks, such as tossing a ball in the air and catching it, and also stuff like throwing a ball accurately through a target.

Watch the video of the amazing ball-tossing qudrocopters in action below:



One day we may just be able to play ball sports on our own or for training purposes using alternative technology using quadrocopters like these.