Previously, I have written a post featuring latte art. Obviously they were made by talented baristas who put in lots of hard work to get to where they are.

That’s until something else came into the scene, the OnLatte Latte Foam Printer! This robotic arm actually prints out cool pictures onto latte foam with such precision that baristas will cry foul over.  

   printed latte art 

printed latte 1 printed latte 2
printed latte 3 printed latte 4
images: trendhunter

The latte art printing machine is an invention by Oleysiy Pikalo of OnLatte Inc. An ‘X-Y’ flatbed plotter was used for the base of the project. As for the colour printed on the latte foam it may look like coffee, but it isn’t. Just edible ink bought off eBay.

The cool thing is that the inventor has also put up a tutorial on how to build your own latte printing machine as well. You can build your own latte art printer here. Note of warning though, it’s a project only suitable for the technically inclined.

Latte Art Printer on Vimeo: