These collection of video clips on Youtube has one of its clips featuring the in-game music of Super Mario, the special thing is that not only the music is self arranged by the maker, the animation that comes up corresponds to the notes played in the music score! Scenes such as a Super Mario level, the all-familiar boxes with question marks scroll across while the music is played at the same time, totally combining the pleasures of audio and visual experiences simultaneously.

Mario Midi Animation 1 Mario Midi Animation 2

Besides Mario’s famous game tune, there are also others featuring an entire Megaman level and a Final Fantasy version, where you’ll be able to spot the familiar chocobo.

Final Fantasy Midi Animation 1 Final Fantasy Midi Animation 2

Watch the videos after the jump, you’ll have to see them yourself to be amazed!

Mario Midi Animation Video

Final Fantasy Midi Animation Video

Check out more of his videos here

via Kotaku