It has been incredbly hard to emulate the wing-movement of insects and scientists have been studying it for years. Finally it seems the code has been broken. Meet the remote control dragonfly.

Remote Control Dragonfly

The remote control dragonfly is a really cool flyer. Unique to this flying toy is its incredible agility in flight unlike that of RC helicopters and planes. The dual wing flight allows the dragonfly to do dives, slalom, hovering and a slew of neat tricks that can even be performed indoors.

The ability of the toy to do a variety of tricks is directly proportional to the skill of the user. Thankfully it comes with a switch for beginner and expert modes and is built from a flexible and strong carbon fibre for embarassing (and violent) crashes. Recharging for the flyer comes in the form of an attachment from the remote itself.

Check out a video of the RC Dragonfly in action after the jump.

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