amazing japanese diy miniature escalator 1

Here’s a really cool miniature working escalator spotted on Nico Nico Douga. Just like a real escalator, this amazing miniature version is able to move and carry small loads such as the cute nendoroid figure of Hatsune Miku and is primarily driven from a motor from a RC scale model car.

Cool rainbow colored steps and a red handrail. Nothing really can beat this cool workmanship of this DIY genius.

More pictures below:

amazing japanese diy miniature escalator 2

amazing japanese diy miniature escalator 3

Surely one amazing build like this will require mechanical knowledge, and putting it into a colorful miniature form together with cute figurines for accompaniment is definitely one unique Japanese trait.

Watch the video of the entire step-by-step building of the DIY miniature escalator below and also enjoy the opening theme songs of animes To Love Ru and Nichijou as the background music while at it:


amazing japanese diy miniature escalator 4

Interestingly enough, he also got his pet hamster to take part in the testing of the miniature escalator too with some pet food as motivation. Simply awesome.

Just thinking, what else can he do with a mini escalator sitting around now that he’s made one for himself?