Carrying an external hard drive to go with your portable netbook or laptop can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you’ve got limited space on the table for placing your gadgets on. This interesting hanging hard disk design will solve the problem.

hdd hanging enclose

hdd hanging enclosure 2

hdd hanging enclosure 3

The hanging hard drive enclosure is a container that will hold the standard hard disk drive, allowing for usb access externally.

The interesting feature is that instead of lying around on a table leaving a mess of cables and peripherals, the hard disk enclosure hangs at the back of the screen conveniently while being able display a couple of LED indicators to show the status of the drives at the other side.

Though this is a concept design, I bet there are many of us who would appreciate the convenience that this product will bring when it hits the shelves. In the meantime, some industrial strength double-sided tape will suffice.