LED boards have been in use typically to broadcast scrolling messages from stock quotes and messages to the public for a pretty long time. How about owning one to deliver your own messages to people walking past your desk?

USB LED message board 1

USB LED message board 2

The USB-LED message board is basically a usb-powered led billboard that will display your customised messages right from your desk. You can display messages such as “Be Right Back” or “Out To Lunch” to broadcast your physical status or simply “Bust Off” when you ain’t in the mood.

Not only does the message board come with the abovementioned features, it comes with sound as well. This gadget churns out songs from ‘happy birthday’ to ‘jingle bells’ for that unexpected surprise.

I must admit that the audio this gadget generates can be rather creepy, especially if they happen to sound out in the middle of the night. What if the message on the display suddenly turns to “I Know What You Did Last SUMMER” — yikes.

Well anyway this gadget should either be really functional or fun depending on the way you use it. If you are curious on how creepy the songs on the LED message board sound, there’s a video posted below for you to judge for yourself.

The USB LED message board goes for US$23 each at USB Geeks online store.

via Getusb.info