Here’s the world’s thinnest MP3 player yet. Being credit card sized, it fits inside a wallet easily and comes with a built-in USB connector for PC and earphone connectivity.

Wallet MP3 Player 1

Wallet MP3 Player 2

This Wallet MP3 player by Walletex is made of double laminated plastic and so should be resistant to a certain amount of flexing when placed inside a wallet compartment. The built-in USB port allows for file transfers and recharging of the battery while being connected to a computer.

With such a small gadget, the only things that come into my mind which are also the important aspects are the battery life and memory space. How much battery life and memory can be packed into such a small device is yet to be known, as the product is currently in patent-pending status.

By today’s standards, the player should be capable of storing at least 1GB of files and run for at least 5 hours. Hopefully when the product is released it will not be a disappointment.

via GadgetGrid