analog wall hanging countdown clock 1

Have a special occasion that you always look forward to every time? Here’s a clock with a countdown function that does not exist as a software on a computer or an app on your mobile phone, but is a real clock that can be hung on the wall.

analog wall hanging countdown clock 2

The countdown clock is an analog clock that comes with a countdown feature. A special occasion can be selected from a list of 34 occasions, such as a vacation date or birthday. After the selection is made, simply set the number of days in advance and it will do its job counting as the days go by until that special day arrives.

There won’t be need to manually count the days; and by being there prominently on the wall everyone gets to see it and be able to take note of that special day as well.

An interesting feature added to the analog clock that usually only has a single job of telling the time.

The Countdown clock retails for $130 from Moma Store.