android robot companion usb charging adaptor 1

Here’s one USB charging adaptor that’ is sure to be a hit for fans of the Android OS, one that’s found commonly on mobile devices such as cellphone and tablets. A charging adaptor made to look just like the robotic Android mascot seen when we boot up our android devices.

android robot companion usb charging adaptor 2

android robot companion usb charging adaptor 3

The robot’s legs are cleverly designed to be the prongs that goes into the AC mains of the wall outlet. It comes with an outer shell that not only protects the prongs when not in use, but also acts as the stand that makes the robot stand up on its own, looking just like a cute little toy figurine on the desktop.

The robot’s eyes also provide a nice little touch by glowing in two different colors as a status indication, white in idle mode and blue when a device is drawing power from it.

Watch the video of the Android companion robot USB charger in action below:



Product Details:

  • Adorable Android charger for Android phones & USB devices
  • Moveable arms and flexible antennae
  • Eyes light up blue (charging) and white (standby)
  • Green & white plastic with a soft matte finish
  • Comes with his own stand and USB cable (micro)
  • Input: 120 ~ 240v AC, Output: 5V/1A DC
  • Level V efficiency
  • Dimensions: 2.5" tall

A nice little USB charging adaptor that’s compact enough to be used for travelling and also cute enough to be used as a display figure when not in use.

The Android robot companion USB charging adaptor retails for $24.99 from ThinkGeek.