angry birds ice bird night light

Angry Birds is one of the games that made it big on mobile phones and has also been quite successful on other platforms. Here’s one character from the Angry Birds game that you can’t launch from a real catapult, but is a real life object that produces light.

This is the ice bird from the Angry Birds game that has made it way out of the game and into real life, and it comes in the form of an LED night light. It has LED lights built within that will make it glow in the dark, making it suitable to be used as a night light. Although in the game it will turn objects it touches into ice, in real life it will only give off a nice and comfy glow as you sleep.

A cute game-themed night light that is not only functional but also great as a desktop decoration. Perfect for a fan of Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds Ice Bird LED night light is powered by three CR2477 button batteries and retails for $7.99 from Gadgets N Gizmos.