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Every year Chinese people celebrate the mid autumn festival, one that coincides with the brightest moon of the year on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. One of the features of this festival is eating sweet confectionary called mooncakes. These mooncakes are sent as gifts to friends and families to celebrate the occasion.

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The mooncakes can contain different fillings like lotus paste or nuts, with snowskin or baked crust for the skin of these cakes made to be as round as the Moon. As there is a lot of freedom to come up with creative designs and tastes for the mooncakes, there is always a high competition between retailers to come up with the most popular design that sells the best.

This year in Hong Kong, we see the birth of a mooncake that features the most loved game characters on our iPhones and Android smartphones, and that’s the birds from the Angry Birds game!

These Angry Birds mooncakes from Hong Kong, unlike the myriad of unofficial Angry Birds merchandise that originate from China, are in fact officially licensed Angry Birds mooncakes, logo and all. They sell for HKD$38 per pair from a selection of three designs/flavors, chocolate, mango and pomelo from Maxim’s Caterer’s Ltd in Hong Kong .

Watch the video of the tasty Angry Birds mooncakes featured below:



These Angry Birds mooncakes will surely be the highlight of this year’s Mid Autumn festival. Who wouldn’t want to take a bite of these cute and tasty treats? I know I do.