animated tetris digital lcd clock 1

Here’s one clock that is a pretty modern-looking clock, but comes in the theme of a classic retro video game known as Tetris. This game of falling blocks is probably one of the most iconic games of it’s time and now it has made its way into the current generation of electronics in a quite different way.

animated tetris digital lcd clock 2

The animated Tetris clock on the outside looks pretty much like an ordinary clock, however it tells the time in a unique way. When the hour or minute digits changes according to the time, tiny Tetris-shaped blocks fall from the top of the LCD screen to the bottom and arrange themselves neatly into place to form the corresponding number. They do not simply just fall into place though, but the blocks look like they have been controlled by a player, rotating around until they fit to form the correct digit on the clock face.

Another cool addition is the that the alarm sounds off to the tune of the Tetris theme song, which will surely remind a grown-up Tetris addict of the good old days of playing Tetris all day long.

The animated Tetris digital clock retails for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.