anyglove liquid makes all gloves touchscreen compatible

Have to wear gloves but want the ability to use touchscreen mobile phones at the same time? You can get a specially made pair of capacitive gloves, but they may not be the type you want to wear. Here’s one liquid that when a few drops is applied to the fingertip of any glove, will instantly turn it into a glove that can be used for touchscreen smartphones.

AnyGlove is a liquid that comes in an applicator bottle that can be used on all kinds of gloves. It can be applied to gloves that you already own and turn them into capacitive-touchscreen compatible gloves, eliminating the need to get specialized gloves made for that specific purpose.

A nice alternative solution that addresses the hassle of having to take off gloves just to use touchscreen phones.

The AnyGlove liquid retails for $19.95 from Amazon.