This, my friends is a device called Sonic Nausea that has an area-of-effect that will make everyone in a certain radius feel uncomfortable with the urge to puke once it has been activated.

sonic nausea

The Sonic Nausea is a portable and lightweight electronic device that broadcasts sonic energy in the form of ultra-high frequencies known to make humans feel uncomfortable with symptoms such as irritation, sweating, headaches and vomiting.

This device is one that seems to offer no practical purpose apart from pure evilness, and in addition the retail page description suggests hiding it in the partying neighbour’s house or at an executive lunchroom. On the other hand when we can imagine if it was commissioned for use by law enforcement agencies, it could actually turn into a tool that can be used for crowd dispersion.

Though it may look like a device for some harmless mischief, the act of activating it in any situation could possibly land the user in jail, so it’s better to find out whether it is legal for use in the first place at all.

The Sonic Nausea device sells for $29.90 and can be powered by a 9-volt battery or a pack of six AA batteries for extended run time.