Passing on jewellery to your daughter or daughter-in-law is so 1950s. Why not pass on your 24-carat gold iPod Nano instead? You can record your voice so that the future generations can hear their creepy ancestor’s voice and also put in a couple of Jay Chou’s songs so that they know the type of music people living in our time listened to.

Besides the gold iPod Nano, you should check out the iPhone, a MacBook Pro, and finally the iPod shuffle all encased in that precious metal humans have come to love, all in this post.

1. 24K Gold iPod Nano (SGD$897 – $1,197)


2. 24K Gold iPhone (pricing unconfirmed)

24K iPhone

3. 24K MacBook Pro with diamond crusted Apple logo (pricing unconfirmed)

24K Gold MacBook Pro

4. 18K Gold iPod Shuffle (SGD$28,985)

18K Gold iPod Shufle

Apple’s products were made for people with good taste. With the series of customised gold Apple products you can show everyone around you that you have good taste and extremely deep pockets.

And yes, your future generations will know about it too, when your descendants tell their children living on Mars that their great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather/grandmother back on Earth had a good taste for gadgets and lived a life of luxury.